PlainsCraft Build Process

PlainsCraft is a family-owned business and we take personal pride in every one of the wagons we build here on the site. Each wagon is handcrafted with meticulous care, and we monitor every detail that goes into the construction process of our luxury glamping wagons. We want our clients to feel the same pride that we feel! And we want our wagons to help them build revenue for years, decades, even generations to come.

We start with the foundation. Our beautiful traditional wheels are made by Amish wheelwrights using the highest quality hardwood. The large wooden wheel hubs house heavy-duty steel boxing, roller bearings, and extra heavy steel tires. And while our wagons are fully functional, we recommend keeping them in place to make sure they maintain their lasting beauty.

The body of each wagon is constructed by hand using high quality lumber which we treat by hand with three coats of preservative stain. This first two coats are applied before assembly to ensure complete coverage and total protection from moisture and UV light. The third coat is applied by hand after assembly. Our luxury glamping wagons are designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions with minimal maintenance.  

Then it’s time for the canvas covering, a part of the wagon on which we’ll never compromise. What’s a covered wagon without a beautiful, lasting, weatherproof canvas cover? Our covers are made from the very highest quality 12-ounce treated canvas available, preshrunk and protected from rot, moisture, and UV damage. With a minimal amount of attention, our canvas covers will provide years of trouble-free service.