Why Jellystone Park Camp-Resort at Milton added covered wagons for glamping

When The Jenkins Organization and Great Escapes RV Resorts purchased Jellystone Park Camp-Resort at Milton, the team wanted to kick off the 2022 camping season with a new, unique glamping opportunity for its resort. Because Great Escapes strives to create unforgettable destinations for their guests, they chose PlainsCraft Covered Wagons for glamping in this Pennsylvania location.

What they learned after two seasons is that glamping wagons are a huge success for their park. Here are the key takeaways they shared.

People love Jellystone’s amenities

Jellystone parks set themselves apart by promising to bring families together. People recognize Yogi Bear™ and his friends, which is a major draw for families looking for unforgettable experiences.

“As the Jellystone standard, we provide tons of activities as well as the themed characters that are out and about every day,” said Kelly Edington, District Manager for Great Escapes RV Resorts, including the Milton location. “We have a multi-level play structure — so imagine a big playground with water features and water slides. And we have a community pool as well.”

Jellystone parks are also known for their themed weekends. For example, they offer Christmas in July, Jurassic Weekend, as well as two Bingo themed weekends. These resorts are designed for the entire family to make wonderful family memories.

The park wanted to add unique lodging

Jellystone Park Camp-Resort at Milton is already a busy location. But as potential guests are looking for different options for overnight accommodations, the park’s management team wanted to explore new options.

“Even Airbnb is making an angle toward unique lodging, like treehouses,” said Cherolyn Johnson Chiang, Director of Marketing for Great Escapes RV Resorts and The Jenkins Organization. “People want to do something different.” It’s why they chose PlainsCraft covered wagons for glamping options at the park.

The park has dynamic pricing for its wagons, but their base rate for an overnight stay in one of the wagons is $149. “That varies depending on the time of the year. If it’s a holiday weekend — Memorial Day, Labor Day, 4th of July — it’s going to cost more,” Edington explained. Included in that cost are all the amenities available at the park. “I would say I’m seeing people staying between three and five nights through the summer. And among all of our cabins that have running water, the covered wagon is going to be your most affordable lodging with running water. Guests can get something unique and at a very affordable price.”

Wagons equal success for the Milton park

In addition to the fact that guests are staying in covered wagons for glamping options at the park for extended stays, Edington said they’re a big attraction for people who just want to see what they look like but aren’t staying.

“We regularly have people asking for tours,” she said. “If they’re open, we’ll take them in and show them around. But it’s pretty rare that somebody doesn’t have it booked.”

The Jenkins Organization and Great Escapes RV Resorts has plans to add wagons at additional locations down the road. It’s all with the goal to continue to add new unique options for guests.

You, too, can find success with covered wagons

Looking for a way to add unique accommodations to your outdoor destination? Get in touch with us today to add covered wagons glamping options that will wow your guests every time.

We’ll also be hitting the road this fall, so come see us in person at the Glamping Show, the ARVC Outdoor Hospitality Conference and Expo, the annual Jellystone Symposium, and the Campground Owners Expo. We look forward to seeing you!

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