Our Wagons

If you’re wondering why you should build a pioneer wagon for glamping, here are three things a PlainsCraft covered wagon will do for your business.

1. Create an unforgettable attraction

How many wagons do you currently have at your location? If the answer is none, then it will stand out to your customers and appeal to their sense of adventure. These wagons attract a greater number of customers thanks to the unique historical experience they offer. Place multiple wagons in a circle with a fire pit in the center to create a true old west feel. Your customers might just feel like pioneers themselves once their stay is over!

2. Enhance your customers’ experience

Glamping in an 1800s style wagon creates intrigue and makes your customers’ stay unforgettable. And while they offer an old time feel, they provide all of the modern conveniences they need to make their stay truly comfortable.

3. Grow your profitability

Recent statistics show glamping structures rent quickly, making it a sensible investment that virtually pays for itself within its first year in operation. Plus, our wagons are classified as equipment, which means it qualifies for an immediate tax write off when you build a pioneer wagon as a glamping investment. Curious to see how the wagons will pay off? Let’s chat about how easy it is for your investment to start paying off.

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Ready to see all you can do with a PlainsCraft covered wagon?

Get creative as you think about how to build a pioneer wagon. Our sample floor plans will show you just how luxurious or down-and-dirty you can get with our wagons.

Bathroom Sink staged with a hand towel, soap dispenser, and toothbrush holder.

Explore the incredible features of a PlainsCraft Covered Wagon.

View our photo gallery to see what we have to offer.

Seating area with two arm chairs and an end-table topped with a lamp between.
Queen size bed with beautiful throw pillows and night stand to match.

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