5 tips for pricing a glamping structure

If you’re thinking of adding glamping to your offerings, there’s good news: there’s never been a better time to consider this type of outdoor hospitality. According to Kampgrounds of America’s 2023 North American Camping & Outdoor Hospitality Report, 10 million households across North America went glamping in 2022 compared to 3 million in 2020. What’s more, they’re looking for experiences that merge resort-style amenities with the desire to be outdoors as well as the chance to stay in a structure that’s truly unique.

Whether you’re looking at PlainsCraft Covered Wagons or other structures for your campground, park, or land, you are probably already thinking about the return on investment (ROI) you’ll get from including this type of accommodation as an option. The good news is your guests are willing to pay higher prices to stay in a glamping structure, which means that ROI can be outstanding. As you’re considering pricing a glamping structure for your situation, we’ve got 5 tips to help you think through what you can charge guests for an overnight stay.

Look at other comps in your area

In real estate, comps, which is short for “comparables,” can help you find recently sold homes that are similar to yours when you’re selling so real estate agents know how to price your home. It isn’t much different in the world of glamping. You can do a simple search of other glamping options in your area by using the search term “glamping near me” or “glamping near…” and including your location or a landmark that’s close by. Then you can do your research to find what other glamping structures are renting for near you.

While comps are helpful in helping you know what to charge for your rental, keep in mind that the price of other glamping structures around you is a starting point, and not something you should use as a final price. Make sure you’re also looking at specific structures. For example, data from Sage Outdoors Advisory says nationally, covered wagons ranked third out of 12 in highest average daily rate at $389, with only domes and luxury safari tents priced higher. Keep that in mind if there are no other covered wagons near you, because people may be willing to pay more of a premium for this type of overnight accommodation. Comps can give you insights to help price your accommodations accordingly.

Think about location

While Sage Outdoor Advisory reports an average daily rate of $389 for wagons, it’s important to note that those numbers are an average from across North America. You can use this as a guide for what some campgrounds charge. But you will need to adjust that rate for your specific location.

For example, if you are in a rural location, those rates may not make sense unless you have proximity to a park or tourism attraction. If you’re on a coast or close to a city where guests are used to paying a premium for glamping experiences, you can likely adjust your rates accordingly. Those comps can help you get a better sense for what people are willing to pay as well. And remember, you can always adjust if things seem off.

Consider your amenities

What do you have available for your guests that will make their experience even more enjoyable? Keep those amenities top of mind as you’re pricing a glamping structure. With full bathrooms like PlainsCraft Covered Wagons offer, you can generate an additional $30-$60 per night in annual daily revenue. Similarly, if you have options for relaxing or modern amenities for guests to look forward to, like access to kitchens or local food trucks, yoga classes, games, or even kayaking and fishing on a pond, you may be able to increase prices slightly.

And remember that guest don’t consider Wi-Fi a luxury amenity anymore; it’s one of the most-desired amenities for campers. Access to technology means people are willing to stay in your glamping structure even longer, because around half of campers work while camping. You could help guests increase their stay while giving them the creature comforts they’re looking for in an unforgettable getaway. Weigh all of these as you develop your pricing structure.

Assess your return on investment

According to the 2023 Camping Report from The Dyrt, there has been such an increase in demand that nearly half of respondents raised their camping rates in 2022, and another 46.4 percent were planning to raise their rates this year. Remember that fact as you start thinking about how to begin pricing a glamping structure.

Next, you may want to review the overall costs involved in rentals. You can use PlainsCraft’s ROI calculator to develop an estimate. Consider things like the base price of the glamping structure, shipping, unloading, and setup costs — which are minimal for our covered wagons — as well as the fixed and direct annual costs that may be involved. From there, you can determine what you expect annual revenue to be and the expected payback. Remember, once you pay off the structure itself, that annual revenue is income you get to claim year after year.

Join groups that can help guide you with your investment

As you add glamping to your options, keep in mind that you’re joining a growing group of park and land owners who have insights into how to make your glamping endeavor a success. You may want to join an organization that can help bring in guests that make sense for your needs. For example, if you have a farm or ranch with glamping available, joining Farm Stay USA may be a great resource that helps drive guests to your door.

Similarly, you may want to join the American Glamping Association, which provides resources to businesses like yours. You may even want to attend Glamping Show Americas, which is an annual event held in October that is dedicated to the industry. While there, you can speak with business professionals, network and connect with others like you, and seek advice about making the most of your business. Not only can organizations such as these provide guidance on pricing a glamping structure, but they can also connect you with like-minded individuals who can help you grow your business.

Get started with glamping

If you haven’t already added glamping to your park or campground, let’s talk. PlainsCraft Covered Wagons offers one of the most sought-after types of glamping structures on the market. Let us help you bring guests the experiences they want. Get in touch and we’ll help you see just how profitable this business can be.

4 tips for marketing covered wagons and other glamping structures

Congratulations on taking advantage of glamping as you look to grow your business. If you have wagons, yurts, tents, or any other type of glamping structure, it’s important to understand how to begin drawing in guests. After all, you’ve made the investment into a glamping structure, it only makes sense you should get a great return on that investment.

Here’s the key: people who glamp are looking for unique travel experiences. They’re wanting to explore the communities around those travels. And they want to do to stay in a place different from anything else they’ve stayed in before. If you’ve recently added glamping structures to your property, the following 4 tips for marketing covered wagons and other glamping structures will help you draw in the guests you need to make sure it’s a successful endeavor.

Know your audience

You may want everyone you know to stay in your covered wagons. But you really do need to hone in on who your audience is to be able to understand how to best market to them. In fact, the North American Glamping Report 2022 explains how glamping is bringing in new demographics of campers. The report shows that typical glampers are Millennials with kids and incomes over $100,000. They’re also staying in their glamping structures for 3 to 5 days at a time.

If you’re used to solely targeting retirees or RV owners, it’s important to know that a glamping audience may have different needs to find what they’re looking for. Start by looking into who they are and where they spend their time, especially online.

Data from Grandview Research shows ages 18-32 were over 45 percent of the glamping market in 2022, and ages 32-50 weren’t far behind. They’re looking for a way to escape daily life and many are working while on the road. Be sure you market to that audience in a way that connects with what they’re looking for.

Be strategic about how you communicate

Glamping isn’t just another form of camping. It has the luxury amenities your guests are looking for, and it offers the natural, laidback experience they also want. That means when you start marketing covered wagons, you want to make sure you’re communicating the things your guests need to know.

Start thinking about what makes your glamping options stand apart from competition. Do you have a farm stay where people can get up close with the animals? Are you close to a national park or monument that’s a draw of its own? Do you have a view that’s absolutely breathtaking? Find those things that set you apart and be sure to talk about them in your marketing.

Once you’ve found the things that will draw in your audience, plan out the strategies that will draw them in. Maybe it’s posting on Airbnb or VRBO.  It could be developing a public relations campaign that gets picked up by your local media. The most important thing people should take away from the campaign you develop is that you’re the only place that offers the glamping experience you do, and that’s why guests want to stay there.  

Develop a keyword strategy

When people search for glamping opportunities, remember that they’re looking for a specific experience that only you can offer. When you start marketing covered wagons or other glamping structures, start thinking like your guests and do a little research to develop a keyword strategy that will draw attention.

Keywords are the phrases people use to search Google for whatever it is they’re looking for. Knowing the right keywords will help you attract the guests you need to make your glamping endeavors highly successful. You can use Google’s Keyword Planner to get ideas and find relevant keywords based upon your website data.

However, you can also think through what makes the most sense for your park or campground. Take advantage of descriptive keywords when you advertise or update your website. For example, if you have a structure overlooking a lake, you can say, “Stunning lakefront glamping getaway.” If you have the only covered wagon in western Kansas, you could simply say, “stay in an authentic covered wagon in Kansas.” Think about what will capture attention and use it to your advantage.

Three women sit drinking wine and chatting outside of a PlainsCraft Covered Wagon

Use high-quality images

If you want to attract people to your campground or park, it pays to schedule a photo shoot with a professional photographer to attract the kind of guests that love glamping. Professional photographers have an eye for creativity and will create a marketable aesthetic for your wagon and other glamping structures. As online bookings increase in a modern market, remember that your glamping listing is the first thing people may see. It will leave an impression, and with glamping, you want that impression to be that you’re offering an unforgettable experience.

Don’t just hire a photographer because they’re affordable. Make sure you check out the portfolios of photographers in your area and hire the one whose portfolio encapsulates the look you’re going for. Don’t balk at the prices either; it’s worth the investment you’re making, and that investment will pay off. Plus, you can write off that expense as an advertising expense on your taxes!

Be sure to ask about your photographer about the licensing agreement on your photos, too. Ideally you can use them across your website and digital marketing, in advertising and social media posts, and anywhere else you want to market your wagons. Make sure you aren’t limited in your usage, and that you’re getting what you’re paying for.

Utilize social media

Once you’ve figured out the elements you need for your marketing, including keywords and photography, start sharing your covered wagons on social media and through digital advertising. When you pull everything together, you’ll have a tool that draws in guests and makes them want to spend time at your park or campground.

One of the great things about social media is that the same demographic that loves glamping also loves sharing their glamping experiences with followers. When you set up your site to make it highly photographable by setting up photo ops like comfortable outdoor relaxation areas or decorating with rustic accessories, it makes people want to take pictures and share them socially.

As you work on marketing covered wagons, be sure to provide hashtags that are specific to your campground. Don’t forget to provide your guests with a note in the structure that details how they can tag you on social media. You can even ask for permission to share their photos after you’ve been tagged. It’s great marketing for you, and the more guests who share the experience, the more it will bring new guests to your campground.

Don’t have covered wagons yet? Let’s change that.

If you don’t already have glamping options for your campground or park, it’s time to fix that. PlainsCraft Covered Wagons will bring renewed excitement to your campground and draw in that new demographic that wants to experience glamping. Get in touch and let us share how our wagons can bring new profit to your business.

5 ways to draw in guests with glamping at your campground

Today’s campers are looking for something special when they hit the road. New research is showing that camping is hotter than ever, and it shows no signs of slowing down. That means your campground has numerous opportunities to draw in guests. In fact, if you’re one of the new campground owners who is looking into how to draw in guests with glamping, you’ll want to start thinking beyond the structure alone.

We recommend using these 5 ideas to add even more value to your glamping and campground options.

Install WiFi at your campground

WiFi isn’t a luxury at campgrounds. It’s a must-have. Campers say it’s one of the top most desired amenities. Today, approximately half of campers are working while camping. They say that WiFi is not only important to their camping experience. It may actually increase their stay at a location if good WiFi is available.

Be sure to work with a successful WiFi company like TengoInternet, which offers WiFi solutions to outdoor hospitality providers. A good provider can help you create a system that is reliable and customized for your park’s needs. And it ensures you’ll have happy campers who find they have no reason to leave.

Supply the essentials

The reason people choose glamping is because they have a sense of adventure, but they want the comforts of a more luxury experience. In fact, they’re willing to pay more for that experience. Because of that, you’ll want to make sure they’re stocked up with the essential comforts they’d find with a premium experience.

One of the easiest ways to add value to glamping options is to include the basics, like toiletries, a coffee kit, and towels. To really wow them, consider partnering with local shops and stores to stock up on shampoos, coffees, and soaps that are only available in your area. It helps your guests feel connected to the area if they can get a taste of the local flavor from the comfort of their campground.

Leave a small gift to make guests feel welcome

Interested in going beyond the essentials? Provide your guests with something special to help them start their getaway off with a gift that surprises and delights. Look for those local delicacies that can really elevate their experience.

Do you have a winery in the area? Pick up a bottle of wine for them to enjoy around the fire. Consider leaving a gift card for your favorite local pizzeria. If you have a local chocolatier, leave a box on the bed before your guests arrive. While these ideas aren’t a must-have, they can leave a positive impression on your guests that keeps them coming back.

Add a guest manual

Glampers are drawn by the experiences they can have while enjoying luxury camping. One of the biggest reasons they choose glamping over traditional camping is so they can spend time in the communities where they’re staying. In fact, glamping guests spend 45 percent more time exploring local attractions than typical campers.

Hotels do a great job of sharing local attractions, so why shouldn’t you, too? Create a guest manual to leave in your glamping units that provides all the information guests need for a great getaway. As a travel expert within your home community, give them a list of your favorite restaurants, coffee shops, parks, wineries and craft breweries, and anything else you think might be top of mind for them during their vacation. Don’t forget to provide them with insights on the campground, the amenities that are available to them, and details on checking in and checking out. It goes a long way in making them feel comfortable.

Create an experience they want to share

As people look for glamping experiences, they are also looking for moments they can capture and share on social media. Making sure your glamping site is Instagram ready isn’t just a benefit for your guests. It is also a great way to ensure they are also helping you draw in guests with glamping. These types of guests tend to hit Instagram for inspiration and to find exciting places to stay.

Make sure your site is photographable. Set up your structures around your location for calming and breathtaking views. Create photo ops using a hammocks or cozy outdoor spot for relaxation. Set up a fire pit with Adirondack chairs surrounding it, plus provide them with the marshmallows and chocolate for those S’mores photos. Decorate with vintage accessories that add to the charm of the experience. And be sure to leave a note in their structure telling them how to tag you on social media. Then, you can request to share their Instagram photos on your own page if they tag you.

New to glamping? Let’s talk!

If you don’t currently have glamping options at your campground, we’d love to help you get set up for success. PlainsCraft wagons are a great way to draw in guests with glamping. Get in touch to talk about how our wagons can be a profitable addition to your business. And then let’s build something together.

Research shows glamping is profitable for your business

A family sits outside of a covered wagon, where they care camping. As more campers look for campground options, glamping is a profitable way to grow your income.

If you’re in the camping space, you already know that campgrounds are having some of their best years ever. The truth is, they could be doing even better. The 2023 Camping Report, released in January by The Dyrt, shows that despite the demand for camping across the United States, the growth has led to some frustration from campers looking for sites. What’s more, new research shows how glamping is profitable for your campground.

Here’s what you should know so you can keep up with its growth and the demand from your guests.

Camping is high in demand, but the market can’t keep up

The Dyrt report estimates there are currently over 80 million campers in the U.S. Of those, more than 7 million camped for the first time in 2022. The data suggests these numbers are only going to continue to grow.

Yet nationally, campsites are struggling to keep up with that demand. The biggest issue? Sites are booked up far in advance. The problem is encouraging campgrounds to come up with more creative solutions in response.

One simple solution is to charge more for camping. Nearly half of the campgrounds surveyed responded to this demand by raising their rates in 2022 or are planning to in 2023. Over 35 percent added more campsites to meet demand. And more than 18 percent expanded their calendar to keep up. These are great ways to ensure you have a great season as well.

Glamping is a draw for potential guests

The report also showed that glamping increased at these campgrounds by 10 percent compared to 2021. However, the North American Glamping Report 2022 illustrates just how much glamping is growing and will continue to grow and why it’s time to take advantage of it. Between 2019 and 2021, $17 million households went glamping at least once, which was a 155 percent increase from 2019.

Furthermore, despite the numerous glamping options that exist for most campers, they’re hungry for more opportunities. In fact, covered wagon popularity alone increased by 27 percent, the highest of all structures, yet only 2 percent of all glamping structures are wagons. When it comes to consumer demand, campgrounds currently just aren’t delivering what their guests want. If you have glamping or haven’t yet considered it for your site, the time to make it a new option has never been better.

Glamping is a profitable solution, as are covered wagons

Another critical piece of information to understand is this: The Dyrt report shows the income of more than 44 percent of campers is over $100,000. That means the campers you’re drawing into your site have the income to pay for luxury glamping experience. 

What else does this data tell us? It shows us that there’s tremendous opportunity that you can take advantage of if you have capacity.

In fact, Sage Outdoors Advisory reports covered wagons ranked third out of 12 in highest Average Daily Rate at $389, which means glamping is profitable for any business. 

Why PlainsCraft?

PlainsCraft is proud to provide your guests with the ultimate luxury glamping experience. Our wagons come with full bathroom options and custom furniture that’s built to last. Our proprietary custom cover ensures your wagon stays cool in the summer and toasty if you’re interested in extending your season to keep up with a demand. Our wagons are an investment that ensures glamping is profitable for your campground for years to come.

Interested in learning more? Get in touch and let’s build something together.

The future of glamping starts here

It’s a fact: the camping world is changing. Today’s leisure travelers want the experience of glamping, but they need more opportunities to do it.

The North American Glamping Report 2022 shows the outdoor hospitality world is growing rapidly, and it’s largely because glamping is growing. As potential guests look for opportunities to join in on the fun, you can reap the rewards.

increased by 155%
over two years.

North American Glamping Report

Why wagons?

According to the glamping report, glampers want them. When asked to rate a preference in accommodation style, covered wagons increased by six percentage points over 2021. In fact, family glampers preferred structures like wagons over cabins.

Covered wagons popularity increased by 27%, the highest of all structures, yet only 2% of all glamping structures are wagons.

That means there’s tremendous room for growth in this market. In fact, Sage Outdoors Advisory says covered wagons ranked third out of 12 in highest Average Daily Rate at $389, which means your investment can make huge income year after year.

16.6 million households
went glamping in 2021
vs. 6.5 million in 2019.

North American Glamping Report

PlainsCraft offers an outstanding return on investment

PlainsCraft Covered Wagons are built to be unforgettable. And most importantly, they’re built to help your business grow.

  • We offer wagons with full bathrooms, which generate an additional $30-$60 per night in annual daily revenue.
  • PlainsCraft wagons are classified as equipment for tax purposes allowing 100% write off in the year of purchase.(IRS Section 179). Talk to your tax accountant for advice.
  • Our wagons pay for themselves quickly. On average, you can recapture your investment in less than two years.

Let’s build something together

Are you ready to learn more about how PlainsCraft can help you grow as glamping is growing? Get in touch and let’s discuss how you can take advantage of this growing trend.

PlainsCraft launches new covered wagon product: the Pony Wagon

The Pony Wagon is the new covered wagon from PlainsCraft. It features a smaller footprint but has all of the character of a full covered wagon.

PlainsCraft Covered Wagons is proud to introduce our newest innovation, the Pony Wagon, which is new for 2022. We designed this wagon with a smaller footprint and fewer amenities. Yet we packed it full of PlainsCraft hand crafted quality and character. It offers heat and air conditioning and a fully insulated wagon top for ultimate comfort and low heating and cooling cost.

The Pony wagon is a great new covered wagon option for international buyers as multiple units can be shipped in a Conex overseas shipping container.

“We have had several interested potential customers who want the luxury and beauty of our wagons, but they don’t necessarily need all of the amenities we typically offer,” said Dennis Steinman, CEO of PlainsCraft Covered Wagons. “A smaller footprint also means we can ship more wagons to one truck. It makes it much more affordable to those smaller organizations.”

Steinman added about the new covered wagon, “We’ve had massive interest from the overseas market, so to keep up with that demand, we wanted an option that would allow for easier shipping overseas. We can ship multiple units in an overseas shipping container.”

The Pony Wagon features the following:

  • https://plainscraft.net/plainscraft-canvas-innovation/BonnetGard™ insulated wagon top
  • Twin over queen bunk bed with boarding ladder (sleeps 3)
  • 24” wagon wheel table with glass top
  • 12,000 BTU mini split heat pump
  • 4 – 115 volt outlets with charging ports
  • Additional furniture options available

Interested in learning more about our new covered wagon, the Pony Wagon? Fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch!

PlainsCraft honored with local and state business awards

As PlainsCraft Covered Wagons continues to grow its presence in the glamping and outdoor recreation industry, business leaders across Kansas are also taking notice of the opportunities the company is bringing to the state and region.

The Kansas Department of Commerce, led by Lt. Governor David Toland, honored PlainsCraft with the East Central Region Business Innovation award durings its To The Stars: Celebrating Kansas Businesses regional luncheon. The East Central Region of Kansas included parts of Kansas City and Kansas City’s major business hubs, including Overland Park, Olathe, and Lenexa.

PlainsCraft was also honored with awards from GO Topeka, an organization whose focus is to create economic success through economic development strategies for the Topeka and Shawnee County, KS areas. The company earned a Small Business Exporter award for its success and dedication to selling glamping wagons internationally. The company was also named runner up for the Emerging Innovation Venture award, which recognizing a business for achieving commercialization milestones in bringing an innovative solution to the market.

“What an honor to be recognized by both our leaders within our business communities, both within Topeka as well as the great state of Kansas,” said Dennis Steinman, Founder and CEO of PlainsCraft Covered Wagons. “We’re proud to be building something so unique right here in Topeka, KS. It’s humbling to know that our business leaders, both locally and state-wide, have recognized what we’re bringing to the business landscape here. We look forward to our continued growth and the major impact we know we will keep bringing to Topeka and Kansas. Ad astra per aspera!”

Skip the wait by ordering from our in-stock inventory

We keep our most-requested wagon packages in stock. Our popular Wagoneer package includes an air conditioner and heat pump, our proprietary Bonnetgard™ all-weather insulation package, and a lockable door with operating window.

Wagoneer Package

1 king bed
1 bunk bed *
1–36” wagon wheel table/chairs 2–20” nightstands
Sleeps 4

* Bunk can be replaced with buffet table, which can hold a microwave, small fridge, and coffee maker

Please note these units are already built or in production and will be completed soon. Options and accessories can be added or removed. Get in touch for full details about the wagons we currently have in stock and the accessory options that are available to you.

PlainsCraft Covered Wagons finds sanctuary at Rooterville

As glamping continues to grow across the United States, one of the biggest opportunities is for agri-tourism, where farmstays allow guests to stay overnight and experience life on a working farm. One of the latest farms to join the flock of U.S. farmstays is the Florida-based Rooterville, a 20-acre farm that cares for hundreds of rescued farm animals, including pigs, chickens, cows, goats, and more. Rooterville has added two PlainsCraft Covered Wagons to its offerings, allowing potential visitors looking for ways to experience what it’s like to stay on a farm an opportunity to be inspired by the stories of the animals that have been rescued here.

Sign at the entrance of Rooterville animal sanctuary points to the farm

Rooterville is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to rescuing, caring for, and providing a permanent home to farm animals of all types. Founded by Elaine West in 2004, Rooterville was born when a breeding sow named Stella was rescued from a factory farm and nursed back to health on its 5-acre farm.

“This farm is truly a labor of love for me,” West said. “While we believe it’s already an incredibly serene and wonderful place to visit, we think the wagons are perfect for this beautiful space. The wagons will be near our pastures, where a horse and several cows graze, so they can go to sleep and wake up feeling the peace we’ve intentionally created here at Rooterville. We are working to make this a truly special experience for our guests.”

Rooterville continues to grow as it provides a home to animals and gives guests an unparalleled experience. West recently moved the farm to a new location in rural Melrose, FL, which is east of Gainesville. Visitors are welcome at the farm and tours include a chance to feed snacks to pigs, capture photos, and more. And now, visitors can go glamping on its grounds—thanks to Elaine’s addition of two PlainsCraft covered wagons at Rooterville—for an unforgettable experience. These wagons will be available for overnight stays in the spring.

Covered wagons at Rooterville

“We are thrilled that Elaine chose our wagons as an opportunity to give her visitors a high quality glamping experience,” said Dennis Steinman, Founder and CEO of PlainsCraft Covered Wagons. “We know this was a major purchase for a non-profit like Rooterville, but we know the wagons will be a worthwhile investment. We’re seeing agri-tourism continue to grow in the glamping community as campers look for unique experiences to enjoy alongside their overnight stays. An animal sanctuary like Elaine’s is going to be a massive draw for the new age of campers who support and live by the same ethical practices Rooterville follows. We’re excited to see her farm continue to grow and are proud to be a part of its success.”

Interested in adding covered wagons to your business? Get in touch and let’s build something together.

3 tips for planning a glamping budget

Three women sit drinking wine and chatting outside of a PlainsCraft Covered Wagon

If you’re considering adding glamping to your campground or land for 2022, it’s likely you already know it’s a prime time for this style of camping. The great news is it’s predicted to double in growth by 2028. What’s even better is the fact you still have time to plan your budget for next season to take advantage of glamping’s growth.

There are specific things to consider if you’re interested in a glamping business, however. It’s more than just the structure itself. You’ll need to consider all the costs involved to successfully start your glamping endeavor and plan for it in the way that makes the most sense. Here are three recommendations to help get you started when planning a glamping budget for the upcoming season.

Plan around your infrastructure when planning a glamping budget

The kind of infrastructure you have—or don’t have—can make a huge difference in what is feasible on your property. A location that already has power, septic, and water lines installed can add luxurious glamping options with few problems and without needing a separate line item for infrastructure within your budget.

If you don’t have that infrastructure in place but want it installed, you’ll need an estimate for the costs involved with putting that plan in place. Keep that in mind as you consider installing a septic system, adding power lines, or choosing to install full hookups like RV parks offer. These hookups may make it easier for you to add certain types of glamping accommodations to your property.

You may need to work directly with local contractors and the city to determine what type of budget you’d need to put in place for that type of work. It’s likely you’d even need to work with the state or municipality to obtain permits, which might add costs to your budget. Be sure to ask your contractor about whether permitting costs are included in their estimates.

There are also alternatives that can keep those infrastructure costs low if yours isn’t pre-installed. Off-grid solutions like solar power and composting toilets can prevent major costs for infrastructure but will still have an overhead. Keep that in mind as you plan and be sure to ask any of your glamping resources if they have those options available.

Understand costs associated with glamping structures

What types of structures are you most interested in adding to your land? They all have pros and cons, depending upon what you’re looking for. We always recommend you add more than one glamping option to your property to keep people coming back and wanting to try out all of your structures. But for the time being, if it’s just one type of structure you want to try, weigh those benefits closely to make your determination.

For example, a cabin may seem like a profitable structure, but keep in mind you’ll need to plan to work with your local municipality to build a cabin and it’s likely you’ll have to hire contractors. Meanwhile, a luxury tent or yurt might need a platform, but can be set up with less work and cost than a cabin. A PlainsCraft covered wagon comes with a day’s work of assembly and can be tied down, hooked up to power, water, and sewer, and ready for rental within the week.

If these structures don’t come with a bathroom option, you may want to begin looking into a separate bathroom facility as well. In fact, a 2021 study by the Kampgrounds of America says that 29% of first-time campers claim clean and well-maintained restrooms are part of their top considerations when staying at a campground. It’s why our wagons have bathroom upgrades—to provide guests with the clean, private bathrooms they want, which means our wagons are a turnkey glamping system.

To determine your glamping budget, contact the individual structure companies and be sure to ask about upgrades, including heat or A/C, bathrooms, furniture, and insulation packages to extend your rental capacity for the entire year and ensure an outstanding return on investment ROI). You can calculate your ROI on a covered wagon on our website to get a head start.

Remember the amenities

The more amenities available at your glamping location, the more guests will be drawn to stay. After all, the concept behind glamping is that it allows guests to enjoy luxury accommodations while in nature. In other words, they want the “roughing it” experience without sacrificing the comforts they desire most.

Simple glamping additions include some of the amenities and accessories that make these structures feel cozy and comfortable. While not everyone will want WiFi or a TV on their glamping getaway, if you think they might help be a draw, you’ll want to investigate what those options would add to your overhead.

The addition of a fire pit and grills could be an easy, low-cost addition as you’re planning a glamping budget. So, too, could coffee makers and microwaves. It helps to even think about any welcome packages you might want to include, such as a bottle of wine or coffee from local vendors as your guests look for a unique experience. Ask yourself: would adding a salt pool or hot tub increase the value of your offerings? If so, consider that for your budget as well. In short, the more amenities you add, the more you can create a stay that is Instagrammable (which translates to free marketing!).

Don’t forget to ask about what comes with your structures, too. PlainsCraft Covered Wagons offers interior design packages that include furniture and bedding. But don’t forget to add in a budget for comfortable mattresses to ensure an incredible experience.

Final thoughts for planning a glamping budget

While it might seem like a lot to think through, the more you’re prepared and willing to invest, the better return on investment you’ll be able to enjoy. Just make sure you’re considering all of the options you’d like and weigh it against what you’d like to charge for overnight stays to ensure you’re making an informed decision as you plan.

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