4 agriculture tourism locations where PlainsCraft is part of the draw

If you own a farm, orchard, vineyard, or any spot where you’re growing any number of items, it may time to consider adding a glamping component to your location. Agriculture tourism, also known as agritourism, is a growing sub-sector of the movement toward sustainable tourism. Sustainable tourism focuses on the ecology and communities surrounding experiences for tourists, and glamping has become a part of this type of tourism. That’s because glamping focuses on providing authentic, experiential travel that allows guests to connect with the outdoors.

The United States Department of Agriculture defines agritourism as “a form of commercial enterprise that links agricultural production and/or processing with tourism to attract visitors onto a farm, ranch, or other agricultural business for the purposes of entertaining or educating the visitors while generating income for the farm, ranch or business owner.” It’s a great way to invite guests to your farm while building upon your already-unique attraction that is bringing people to you. And a glamping wagon is a way to increase your revenue while providing instagrammable moments your guests will want to capture.

If you’re wondering if glamping is right for your farm, here are four agritourism locations that PlainsCraft is proud to have as customers. Each location has its own distinct draw and reasons that our wagons are working for them. Check out what makes them so unique.

The Lavender Farm

Photo of a covered wagon in the Lavender Fields.

The Lavender Farm is part of Floren Family Farms ( Tularosa, NM, which is a beautiful destination for all things lavender. In the spring and summer, the purple fields are in full bloom and guests can stroll through the aromatic fields, capture breathtaking photos, or shop for skincare products made from their lavender plants. They’ve also added zinnias, sunflowers, and pumpkins for you-pick events on their farm.

As the Florens began looking for something an overnight accommodation to add to their farm, they found PlainsCraft Covered Wagons. Today, one wagon sits among their lavender fields, inviting guests to stay a little longer. And it’s part of the picturesque setting that people are capturing on social media. It also has to be one of the best-smelling agriculture tourism destinations out there.

The Lavender Farm | 23 Abercrombie Lane, Tularosa, NM 88352

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The Forbes Family Farm

Agritourism at its finest with beautiful mountain views

The Forbes family started their farm around 15 years ago — despite not being farmers at all. But they were committed to growing their own food because they had a shared passion for healthy eating and cooking. Now they are living in rural Utah and committing their lives to helping others discover the benefits of healthy eating. On their farm, they raise animals and crops, prepare Community Supported Agriculture boxes for those who register, host on-farm events like farm-to-table dinners, and teach how to cook with fresh produce. Agriculture tourism was already happening at this farm.

Their commitment to wellness of mind, body, soul, and earth meant that working with PlainsCraft Covered Wagons compelled them to offer off-grid glamping experiences on their land. Their wagons are solar powered and away from it all, so when guests are done exploring the farm, they can disconnect from tech to connect with each other. This is stargazing at its best.

The Forbes Family Farm | 1900 W Sheep Creek Ranch Drive, Manila, UT 84046

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Isinglass Estate

Isinglass estates brings covered wagon glamping to their winery

Isinglass Estate offers a bit of paradise in rural Miami County, Kan. Their 600-acre property is a multi-faceted location: part vineyard and winery, part yoga retreat, part petting zoo, and so much more. When the Vore Family established Isinglass Estate in 2016, their goal was to share this gorgeous property, which included miles of trails, lakes, and access to the Marais des Cygnes River.

Isinglass Estate already had private facilities available for overnight stays. With a cottage, guest house, and loft that visitors could rent, the estate was already a favorite for anyone looking for a relaxing getaway where they could ride horses, enjoy the winery’s tasting room, fish, or hike. The addition of glamping with PlainsCraft wagons now gives visitors another unique experience that will continue to draw people to their estate and enhance an already unforgettable getaway.

Isinglass Estate | 16241 381th Street, Lacygne, KS 66040

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Rooterville Animal Sanctuary

Stay in a covered wagon at an animal sanctuary!

The story of Rooterville Animal Sanctuary begins with owner, Elaine West. In 2004, Elaine met a pot-bellied pig named Stella, who fell out of a transport truck on her way to be slaughtered. Because animal shelters and Humane Societies don’t take pigs, Elaine saw a need for Stella and others like her. Today, Rooterville, located in Melrose, Fla., is home to farm animals who are getting a second chance at life.

As an animal sanctuary, Rooterville offers more than agriculture tourism. It’s a place where guests can pet pigs, hug cows, and cuddle goats. Elaine purchased PlainsCraft Covered Wagons to immerse guests in the sanctuary experience. Her goal was to give guests a peaceful environment where they can feel the compassion and love the Rooterville team has for animals.

Rooterville Animal Sanctuary | 1208 N County Road 315, Melrose, FL 32666

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Add another draw to your farm with PlainsCraft

Glamping is a great way to draw guests to your agriculture tourism endeavor. Covered wagons are a sought-after glamping structure, which means they can be a profitable addition to your business. And they’ll remain so for years to come.

Interested in learning how PlainsCraft can help your agritourism destination grow? Get in touch, then let’s build something together.

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