Research shows glamping is profitable for your business

A family sits outside of a covered wagon, where they care camping. As more campers look for campground options, glamping is a profitable way to grow your income.

If you’re in the camping space, you already know that campgrounds are having some of their best years ever. The truth is, they could be doing even better. The 2023 Camping Report, released in January by The Dyrt, shows that despite the demand for camping across the United States, the growth has led to some frustration from campers looking for sites. What’s more, new research shows how glamping is profitable for your campground.

Here’s what you should know so you can keep up with its growth and the demand from your guests.

Two kids snuggled up in a covered wagon

Camping is high in demand, but the market can’t keep up

The Dyrt report estimates there are currently over 80 million campers in the U.S. Of those, more than 7 million camped for the first time in 2022. The data suggests these numbers are only going to continue to grow.

Yet nationally, campsites are struggling to keep up with that demand. The biggest issue? Sites are booked up far in advance. The problem is encouraging campgrounds to come up with more creative solutions in response.

One simple solution is to charge more for camping. Nearly half of the campgrounds surveyed responded to this demand by raising their rates in 2022 or are planning to in 2023. Over 35 percent added more campsites to meet demand. And more than 18 percent expanded their calendar to keep up. These are great ways to ensure you have a great season as well.

Glamping is a draw for potential guests

The report also showed that glamping increased at these campgrounds by 10 percent compared to 2021. However, the North American Glamping Report 2022 illustrates just how much glamping is growing and will continue to grow and why it’s time to take advantage of it. Between 2019 and 2021, $17 million households went glamping at least once, which was a 155 percent increase from 2019.

Furthermore, despite the numerous glamping options that exist for most campers, they’re hungry for more opportunities. In fact, covered wagon popularity alone increased by 27 percent, the highest of all structures, yet only 2 percent of all glamping structures are wagons. When it comes to consumer demand, campgrounds currently just aren’t delivering what their guests want. If you have glamping or haven’t yet considered it for your site, the time to make it a new option has never been better.

Covered wagon situated beautifully on someone's property

Glamping is a profitable solution, as are covered wagons

Another critical piece of information to understand is this: The Dyrt report shows the income of more than 44 percent of campers is over $100,000. That means the campers you’re drawing into your site have the income to pay for luxury glamping experience. 

What else does this data tell us? It shows us that there’s tremendous opportunity that you can take advantage of if you have capacity.

In fact, Sage Outdoors Advisory reports covered wagons ranked third out of 12 in highest Average Daily Rate at $389, which means glamping is profitable for any business. 

Why PlainsCraft?

PlainsCraft is proud to provide your guests with the ultimate luxury glamping experience. Our wagons come with full bathroom options and custom furniture that’s built to last. Our proprietary custom cover ensures your wagon stays cool in the summer and toasty if you’re interested in extending your season to keep up with a demand. Our wagons are an investment that ensures glamping is profitable for your campground for years to come.

Interested in learning more? Get in touch and let’s build something together.

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