5 ways to draw in guests with glamping at your campground

Today’s campers are looking for something special when they hit the road. New research is showing that camping is hotter than ever, and it shows no signs of slowing down. That means your campground has numerous opportunities to draw in guests. In fact, if you’re one of the new campground owners who is looking into how to draw in guests with glamping, you’ll want to start thinking beyond the structure alone.

We recommend using these 5 ideas to add even more value to your glamping and campground options.

Install WiFi at your campground

WiFi isn’t a luxury at campgrounds. It’s a must-have. Campers say it’s one of the top most desired amenities. Today, approximately half of campers are working while camping. They say that WiFi is not only important to their camping experience. It may actually increase their stay at a location if good WiFi is available.

Be sure to work with a successful WiFi company like TengoInternet, which offers WiFi solutions to outdoor hospitality providers. A good provider can help you create a system that is reliable and customized for your park’s needs. And it ensures you’ll have happy campers who find they have no reason to leave.

Supply the essentials

The reason people choose glamping is because they have a sense of adventure, but they want the comforts of a more luxury experience. In fact, they’re willing to pay more for that experience. Because of that, you’ll want to make sure they’re stocked up with the essential comforts they’d find with a premium experience.

One of the easiest ways to add value to glamping options is to include the basics, like toiletries, a coffee kit, and towels. To really wow them, consider partnering with local shops and stores to stock up on shampoos, coffees, and soaps that are only available in your area. It helps your guests feel connected to the area if they can get a taste of the local flavor from the comfort of their campground.

Leave a small gift to make guests feel welcome

Interested in going beyond the essentials? Provide your guests with something special to help them start their getaway off with a gift that surprises and delights. Look for those local delicacies that can really elevate their experience.

Do you have a winery in the area? Pick up a bottle of wine for them to enjoy around the fire. Consider leaving a gift card for your favorite local pizzeria. If you have a local chocolatier, leave a box on the bed before your guests arrive. While these ideas aren’t a must-have, they can leave a positive impression on your guests that keeps them coming back.

Add a guest manual

Glampers are drawn by the experiences they can have while enjoying luxury camping. One of the biggest reasons they choose glamping over traditional camping is so they can spend time in the communities where they’re staying. In fact, glamping guests spend 45 percent more time exploring local attractions than typical campers.

Hotels do a great job of sharing local attractions, so why shouldn’t you, too? Create a guest manual to leave in your glamping units that provides all the information guests need for a great getaway. As a travel expert within your home community, give them a list of your favorite restaurants, coffee shops, parks, wineries and craft breweries, and anything else you think might be top of mind for them during their vacation. Don’t forget to provide them with insights on the campground, the amenities that are available to them, and details on checking in and checking out. It goes a long way in making them feel comfortable.

Create an experience they want to share

As people look for glamping experiences, they are also looking for moments they can capture and share on social media. Making sure your glamping site is Instagram ready isn’t just a benefit for your guests. It is also a great way to ensure they are also helping you draw in guests with glamping. These types of guests tend to hit Instagram for inspiration and to find exciting places to stay.

Make sure your site is photographable. Set up your structures around your location for calming and breathtaking views. Create photo ops using a hammocks or cozy outdoor spot for relaxation. Set up a fire pit with Adirondack chairs surrounding it, plus provide them with the marshmallows and chocolate for those S’mores photos. Decorate with vintage accessories that add to the charm of the experience. And be sure to leave a note in their structure telling them how to tag you on social media. Then, you can request to share their Instagram photos on your own page if they tag you.

New to glamping? Let’s talk!

If you don’t currently have glamping options at your campground, we’d love to help you get set up for success. PlainsCraft wagons are a great way to draw in guests with glamping. Get in touch to talk about how our wagons can be a profitable addition to your business. And then let’s build something together.

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  1. glamping is a great way to draw in campers because it gives them something special and unique. It’s important for campground owners to think beyond just the structure of the campsite and focus more on amenities like luxury accommodations, activities, and services that can offer guests an experience they won’t forget. By offering these extras, campers will be more likely to choose your campground over others in the area.

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