4 tips for marketing covered wagons and other glamping structures

Congratulations on taking advantage of glamping as you look to grow your business. If you have wagons, yurts, tents, or any other type of glamping structure, it’s important to understand how to begin drawing in guests. After all, you’ve made the investment into a glamping structure, it only makes sense you should get a great return on that investment.

Here’s the key: people who glamp are looking for unique travel experiences. They’re wanting to explore the communities around those travels. And they want to do to stay in a place different from anything else they’ve stayed in before. If you’ve recently added glamping structures to your property, the following 4 tips for marketing covered wagons and other glamping structures will help you draw in the guests you need to make sure it’s a successful endeavor.

Know your audience

You may want everyone you know to stay in your covered wagons. But you really do need to hone in on who your audience is to be able to understand how to best market to them. In fact, the North American Glamping Report 2022 explains how glamping is bringing in new demographics of campers. The report shows that typical glampers are Millennials with kids and incomes over $100,000. They’re also staying in their glamping structures for 3 to 5 days at a time.

If you’re used to solely targeting retirees or RV owners, it’s important to know that a glamping audience may have different needs to find what they’re looking for. Start by looking into who they are and where they spend their time, especially online.

Data from Grandview Research shows ages 18-32 were over 45 percent of the glamping market in 2022, and ages 32-50 weren’t far behind. They’re looking for a way to escape daily life and many are working while on the road. Be sure you market to that audience in a way that connects with what they’re looking for.

Be strategic about how you communicate

Glamping isn’t just another form of camping. It has the luxury amenities your guests are looking for, and it offers the natural, laidback experience they also want. That means when you start marketing covered wagons, you want to make sure you’re communicating the things your guests need to know.

Start thinking about what makes your glamping options stand apart from competition. Do you have a farm stay where people can get up close with the animals? Are you close to a national park or monument that’s a draw of its own? Do you have a view that’s absolutely breathtaking? Find those things that set you apart and be sure to talk about them in your marketing.

Once you’ve found the things that will draw in your audience, plan out the strategies that will draw them in. Maybe it’s posting on Airbnb or VRBO.  It could be developing a public relations campaign that gets picked up by your local media. The most important thing people should take away from the campaign you develop is that you’re the only place that offers the glamping experience you do, and that’s why guests want to stay there.  

Develop a keyword strategy

When people search for glamping opportunities, remember that they’re looking for a specific experience that only you can offer. When you start marketing covered wagons or other glamping structures, start thinking like your guests and do a little research to develop a keyword strategy that will draw attention.

Keywords are the phrases people use to search Google for whatever it is they’re looking for. Knowing the right keywords will help you attract the guests you need to make your glamping endeavors highly successful. You can use Google’s Keyword Planner to get ideas and find relevant keywords based upon your website data.

However, you can also think through what makes the most sense for your park or campground. Take advantage of descriptive keywords when you advertise or update your website. For example, if you have a structure overlooking a lake, you can say, “Stunning lakefront glamping getaway.” If you have the only covered wagon in western Kansas, you could simply say, “stay in an authentic covered wagon in Kansas.” Think about what will capture attention and use it to your advantage.

Three women sit drinking wine and chatting outside of a PlainsCraft Covered Wagon

Use high-quality images

If you want to attract people to your campground or park, it pays to schedule a photo shoot with a professional photographer to attract the kind of guests that love glamping. Professional photographers have an eye for creativity and will create a marketable aesthetic for your wagon and other glamping structures. As online bookings increase in a modern market, remember that your glamping listing is the first thing people may see. It will leave an impression, and with glamping, you want that impression to be that you’re offering an unforgettable experience.

Don’t just hire a photographer because they’re affordable. Make sure you check out the portfolios of photographers in your area and hire the one whose portfolio encapsulates the look you’re going for. Don’t balk at the prices either; it’s worth the investment you’re making, and that investment will pay off. Plus, you can write off that expense as an advertising expense on your taxes!

Be sure to ask about your photographer about the licensing agreement on your photos, too. Ideally you can use them across your website and digital marketing, in advertising and social media posts, and anywhere else you want to market your wagons. Make sure you aren’t limited in your usage, and that you’re getting what you’re paying for.

Utilize social media

Once you’ve figured out the elements you need for your marketing, including keywords and photography, start sharing your covered wagons on social media and through digital advertising. When you pull everything together, you’ll have a tool that draws in guests and makes them want to spend time at your park or campground.

One of the great things about social media is that the same demographic that loves glamping also loves sharing their glamping experiences with followers. When you set up your site to make it highly photographable by setting up photo ops like comfortable outdoor relaxation areas or decorating with rustic accessories, it makes people want to take pictures and share them socially.

As you work on marketing covered wagons, be sure to provide hashtags that are specific to your campground. Don’t forget to provide your guests with a note in the structure that details how they can tag you on social media. You can even ask for permission to share their photos after you’ve been tagged. It’s great marketing for you, and the more guests who share the experience, the more it will bring new guests to your campground.

Don’t have covered wagons yet? Let’s change that.

If you don’t already have glamping options for your campground or park, it’s time to fix that. PlainsCraft Covered Wagons will bring renewed excitement to your campground and draw in that new demographic that wants to experience glamping. Get in touch and let us share how our wagons can bring new profit to your business.

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