The PlainsCraft Story

Newspaper clipping from when our founder Dennis Steinman was a child and was driving his first covered wagon,.

Dennis Steinman grew up in the rural heartland of Kansas. A true child of the country, he was no stranger to wagon travel! Here’s Dennis with his sister, friend, and faithful steed, the ever-patient Buddy. Their chariot: a wagon built by his father.

Dennis grew up with a love of pioneer history, which he maintained through decades spent building a thriving electronics manufacturing company. He and Donna have now turned their full attention to the design and construction of authentic prairie schooners, just like the ones he dreamed of and read about as a child. Donna grew up in the great state of Oklahoma where the western lifestyle was a remnant of the pioneer movement.

The two realized their dream and created their first functional designs in 2018, and now they bring their passion for covered wagons to outdoor hospitality providers around the country.

The PlainsCraft story today

Today, we are a small company based in Topeka, Kansas. We’re proud to build a unique piece of Americana here in the heartland, not far from where the Oregon trail first began. Our wagons are handcrafted in our shop and made using wood from US factories, and as many Kansas products as possible. We set ourselves apart by building to your needs and style.

Our wagons are designed to get you what you need for your park, destination, or location.

We build everything to your needs all with top notch builds. Get great rates, happy customers and work with a company that truly cares about your success.

We invite you to join us in building something great together.