Features and Upgrades

Basic wagon floor plans are available and include either a standard 50-amp RV electric connection or a12-volt system for an off-grid setup. The standard plan also includes four 110-volt receptacles with USB ports, two low-voltage LED interior lights, the canvas, a treated canvas zipper door, stairs and porch railing, as well as a one-year limited warranty. Here’s what else you’ll love about a PlainsCraft wagon as you consider adding glamping wagons to your outdoor accommodations.

Covered wagon entry way view from the outside.

A utilitarian cover meets modern-day innovation

One of the most important features of a covered wagon is that iconic, sturdy canvas cover, and ours are second to none. Our covers are made from the highest quality 12-oz treated canvas available to protect from rot, moisture, and UV damage. Our BonnetGard cover upgrade is a proprietary innovation. By adding a light, breathable inner layer of insulation and air flow to the interior of the cover, we’ve found a way to add an extra layer of protection to the canvas and the interior of the wagon—all while giving your guests an added level of comfort. These covers reduce outside noise and light while remaining sealed and water tight for years to come.

Amish-made wheels showcase quality and craftsmanship

What’s a covered wagon without the wooden wheels that once carried it into the American unknown? We’re proud to order our wheels from Amish wheelwrights in Ohio, who craft them using premium hardwood. The large wooden wheel hubs house heavy-duty steel boxing, roller bearings, and extra heavy steel tires. And while our wagons are fully functional, we recommend keeping them in place to make sure they maintain their lasting beauty.

Close-up of Amish made wagon wheel
close-up of wood work on side of covered wagon.

The highest-quality lumber and careful staining process means ultimate protection

The body of each of our wagons is constructed by hand using the highest-quality lumber that meets our specifications. We’ve treated it by hand with three coats of preservative stains. The first two coats are applied before assembly to ensure complete coverage and total protection from moisture and UV light. The third coat is applied by hand after assembly. Our wagons are designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions with minimal maintenance. We do recommend the occasional touch-up as needed to ensure your wagon remains beautiful through heavy use.

Powder-coated for protection for longevity in our glamping wagons

The metals used in the wagon feature an advanced powder-coated finish, frequently used with industrial equipment. This coating ensures the metal pieces of our wagons are long-lasting, durable, and able to withstand even the harshest of elements.

Close-up of bonnet tie downs on the outside of the covered wagon.

Guests want bathrooms, so we gave them what they asked for

Our wagons are deceivingly spacious, and you may just be surprised by how roomy they are, even with a bathroom on the end. PlainsCraft Covered Wagons has full and half bath options to help guests feel safe and truly comfortable. Installed with a hot water heater, a full shower, a vanity, and an option of either a flush or composting toilet, or an RV toilet with a holding tank, guests can get away from it all without sacrificing their comfort and safety. Our glamping wagons truly can have it all. But don’t worry — if your park already has bathrooms installed, we can make wagons without them, too.

Get an eye for the details

Donna is an interior designer by trade, which adds a superior level of service to the PlainsCraft experience, and to your customers’ enjoyment of your glamping wagons. Whether you’re looking for a small amount of design insight, you want the full interior design experience, or you want something in-between, you’ll get exactly what you want from PlainsCraft. And we can guarantee that with Donna, that experience will be a fun and unforgettable one.

Inside wagon shot looking out of the front door.
Central HVAC system installed in PlainsCraft Covered Wagons

Hot or cold, we’ve got you covered

Travelers in the 1800s didn’t have the luxury of traveling in anything but what the road brought their way. But today’s glamping enthusiasts want the luxury they can find at home, which includes heat and air conditioning. We are happy to install a 2-ton air conditioner/heat pump in your glamping wagons to make their stay even more enjoyable. It’s an easy upgrade we’ve perfected just for your guests.

The world is just outside that door

Our standard plans come with canvas zipper-front doors. But upgrades are also available to install a door for even more comfort and privacy. We can install doors on both the entrance and the bathroom entry to give your guests an added level of privacy before heading out for their unforgettable adventures.

Photo of Exterior door to enter or leave the covered wagon.