3 reasons to invest in glamping

We knew back in 2018, when we first launched PlainsCraft Covered Wagons, that glamping was taking off in the United States. What nobody knew at that point was that a global pandemic would exponentially change how people wanted to get away from home during a time where safety was a top concern. It changed how people vacationed, and because of that reality, glamping is becoming hotter than ever. There’s never been a better time to invest in glamping. Here are three reasons why. 

The glamping market is skyrocketing

A 2021 report by Grand View Research states glamping is expected to grow by a more than 16 percent compound annual growth rate through 2028. The search for unique outdoor experiences, luxurious amenities, and unique accommodations is what is largely helping it evolve.

Covid further drove glamping’s growth. As travelers looked for camping opportunities that were safe through the pandemic, those who camped reported they are nearly 3 times more likely to return to camping and glamping when they travel again. In addition, nearly 40 percent of campers surveyed in 2021 said they were interested in a glamping experience, while nearly 30 percent of prospective campers wanted to try glamping. So who are those prospects? We suggest you keep reading.

Glamping draws in a new demographic of campers

A study from Kampgrounds of America, Inc. (KOA) shows that the young millennials and Gen Z are just starting to embrace the camping lifestyle. In fact, that report shows 60 percent of those who traveled for glamping in North America between 2019 and 2020 were from that demographic. Still, it’s elder millennials and Gen X who are largely driving the growth of this type of luxury camping. As these demographics continue to find financial success, it’s expected they will be the largest consumers of glamping over the next several years. As these new campers look for luxurious ways to enjoy the outdoors, glamping is the solution.

In other words, glamping is a compelling and enjoyable getaway for those looking to enjoy the outdoors without the work of traditional camping. This fact is already drawing in non-campers. Therefore, if you invest in glamping now, rest assured you’ll be at the forefront of this trend and at the top of mind for guests looking for an unforgettable experience.

Unique accommodations are a compelling attraction

The Grand View Research report says cabins and pods were the largest market share of unique accommodations in 2020. Tents are growing in popularity, however, and will be the second-fastest-growing segment through 2028. Of course, those accommodations are just a small sampling of all the types that are available across the globe.

We did keyword research to determine what people are looking for from their glamping experiences. We found they’re searching for tents, but beyond that, they don’t seem to know what else is out there.

In fact, most people are searching for glamping in their favorite locations. Places like Big Sur, Asheville, Yosemite, and Joshua Tree were on the list. Yet many were even less specific, such as searches by state. That supports the idea that while potential guests are excited about glamping and finding stays in beautiful locations, there’s opportunity for them to be just as excited about the accommodations and amenities you have to offer, no matter where you are located. If you invest in glamping, simply adding glamping as an option will be what initially draws them in. From there, finding the most unique accommodations, like covered wagons, will be what encourages them to book. 

An important thing to remember is that your guests want luxurious experiences. If you try to cut corners, they’ll notice. Make sure you deliver on the luxury, premium experience you promise. They might be your biggest cheerleader, but bad news sometimes travels even faster. Give them more than they expect, and they’ll return — hopefully with friends next time.

Why PlainsCraft?

In the world of glamping, you want lodgings that will stand out in your potential guests’ minds. A wagon is a piece of Americana that conjures up a sense of nostalgia and romanticism. And because it’s so low-maintenance and easy to set up, it’s a great addition to any campground or unique location. 

While we recommend at least two wagons to circle up around the fire, we also know that wagons should just be a part of the bigger picture. For inspiration, check out Zion Weeping Buffalo Resort. This location will be a favorite destination for returning guests who want to experience everything from covered wagons to teepees to cave dwellings.

Ready to invest in glamping? Contact us about bringing PlainsCraft wagons to your property, and let’s build something together.

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