Honeytrek’s Apostle Islands Wisconsin glamping adventure

When we first met Mike and Anne from Honeytrek at the 2019 Glamping Show, we immediately fell in love with them and their story. They’ve been traveling the world together since the beginning of 2012, just after they got married, which opened their eyes to the world of glamping. Together, they wrote their first book, Comfortably Wild: The Ultimate Glamping Guide, where they explore the history of glamping and offer first-hand recommendations for unforgettable adventures. (Pick it up. You’ll be smitten with glamping if you aren’t already!)

Doors lined down a driveway spelling out the word welcome with one letter per door. A person is peaking out from behind each door.
Zach and Jennifer welcome Mike and Anne to the Apostle Islands

When we found out they were headed to Wisconsin to complete their tour of all 50 states, we checked in with them. Considering they’d traveled across 7 continents, 62 countries, more than 1,000 regions, and stayed in just about every unique spot you can possibly imagine, we wondered what they’d think about glamping in a PlainsCraft Wagon.

Fortunately, they had been thinking about us, too. We connected them with Zach and Jennifer from Apostle Island Area Campground, who added a PlainsCraft wagon to their offerings last year, and who are just moments from Lake Superior, sea caves, a national forest, and some of the most incredible outdoor attractions. Our wagon ended up being the perfect spot for their Apostle Islands glamping getaway.

Honeytrek’s stay at the Apostle Islands was part of a larger tour of Wisconsin, and if you’ve never spent much time in the Great Lakes state, you’ll want to read about their ultimate Wisconsin road trip. It will make you want to visit the first chance you get.

We haven’t been up to the Apostle Islands to visit Zach and Jennifer since we first delivered the wagon. We think maybe it’s time to change that. Let us know what you think about Mike and Anne’s trip — or if you’ve stayed in this wagon and what you thought — in the comments below.

Photos by Honeytrek

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