PlainsCraft is proud to bring new innovation to the outdoor hospitality industry

As PlainsCraft Covered Wagons looks toward 2021, a major new canvas innovation promises to bring modern technology to what looks to be a method of travel from yesteryear.

“We’ve found that park operators are concerned about a number of issues canvases bring, which is a common problem among glamping structures,” said Dennis Steinman, Founder and CEO of PlainsCraft Covered Wagons. “We heard those concerns and developed a solution. The result is an innovative canvas system that protects from the biggest concerns operators have about canvases, including harsh weather, shadows, and noise.”

PlainsCraft’s Bonnetgard™ Cover System includes four layers of protection. The exterior canvas is made from Aqualon Edge material, which is equipped with a heat gain reduction technology to protect from sun, mold, mildew, and abrasion, plus includes a manufacturer’s warranty for added peace of mind. The interior is layered with an acoustic and thermal insultation to stop sound and cold from entering as well as a radiant barrier to reduce heat gain. Finally, the interior canvas is a Sunforger® canvas, which is also layered with protection against moisture and mildew. Together, the system also creates a partial air gap to create air flow, ensuring the benefits of the radiant barrier. The system is highly efficient, weather resistant, and allows for a high level of privacy for guests.

“We’re proud of the system we’ve built,” Steinman added. “We heard what keeps park owners and operators up at night and we knew the only solution was to give them a product they wouldn’t have to worry about.”

The Bonnetgard™ Cover System is now available for 2021.

Two covered wagons set in a field of grass.

PlainsCraft also added the following options for covered wagons in 2020:

• Full bathrooms that answer consumer demand for both luxury and safety from a glamping structure. Bathrooms include a shower, standard flush, composting or rv style toilet option, a vanity with sink, and a ventilation fan. The bathroom walls are sealed and a hot water heater is installed for utmost comfort.

• An extended length of wagon is now available to provide more space for bathrooms or additional furniture. Choose from either a 20’ or 22 ½’ interior floor plan, depending upon your park’s needs.

• A detachable porch and a solid wood main entry door with a window boost the wagon’s visual appeal.

Photo of bathroom with vanity with copper hammered sink and walk in shower

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