The Wild West like you’ve never seen it before

Interior of a luxury covered wagon, bed is made and bathroom is in the background

Pioneers heading west during the gold and land rushes of the 1800s often had no choice but to camp with their covered wagons as they traveled toward a better way of life. But back then, these types of travels were often difficult, tedious, and dangerous. So it’s no wonder they disappeared from the landscape years ago.

Yet modern adventurers are looking for a similar type of experience without sacrificing the luxuries of home. Glamping in a covered wagon gives you a taste of the wild, but with the comforts you don’t want to do without. And now, PlainsCraft Covered Wagons is proud to share upgrades we’ve made that would make those early settlers green with envy.

Inside covered wagon view looking in from entryway door. You can see a dinning table, arm chair, queen size bed with end table, and into the full functioning bathroom.
PlainsCraft Covered Wagons are made to be rugged and functional, but can also be designed with modern luxuries anyone can enjoy.

Our wagons are available with full heating and air units for year-round comfort. Our full bathrooms include a shower, composting toilet, and a vanity with sink. A hot water heater ensures utmost comfort, and a wall partition and curtain will provide privacy. Can you imagine what those early settlers would think of today’s wagons?

Want to learn more about PlainsCraft Covered Wagons and what it’s like to try glamping in a covered wagon? Check out our website for virtual tours and information, or give us a call to chat about how we can build something together.

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