About PlainsCraft

PlainsCraft Covered Wagons look and feel like authentic, full-sized covered wagons; the ones that traversed the Midwestern plains for over a hundred years, carrying merchants and settlers back and forth from the east coast to the edges of the prairie frontier. Once considered the best way to navigate the grasslands and wild rivers, covered wagons are now gone from the landscape. But the magic of the wagon remains, and we bring that magic to life for glamping campers and unique luxury outdoor hospitality providers.

Founded by Dennis and Donna Steinman, our company creates beautiful, full-sized, fully-outfitted covered wagons for outdoor hospitality providers, adventure travel destinations, campsites, agritourism, and anyone who seeks to offer a one-of-a-kind overnight experience that visitors will never forget. PlainsCraft Covered Wagons are a sound investment with great ROI. Our covered wagons are available as basic glamping units, fully-furnished luxury camping experiences, or anything in between.

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