PlainsCraft Covered Wagons finds sanctuary at Rooterville

As glamping continues to grow across the United States, one of the biggest opportunities is for agri-tourism, where farmstays allow guests to stay overnight and experience life on a working farm. One of the latest farms to join the flock of U.S. farmstays is the Florida-based Rooterville, a 20-acre farm that cares for hundreds of rescued farm animals, including pigs, chickens, cows, goats, and more. Rooterville has added two PlainsCraft Covered Wagons to its offerings, allowing potential visitors looking for ways to experience what it’s like to stay on a farm an opportunity to be inspired by the stories of the animals that have been rescued here.

Sign at the entrance of Rooterville animal sanctuary points to the farm

Rooterville is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to rescuing, caring for, and providing a permanent home to farm animals of all types. Founded by Elaine West in 2004, Rooterville was born when a breeding sow named Stella was rescued from a factory farm and nursed back to health on its 5-acre farm.

“This farm is truly a labor of love for me,” West said. “While we believe it’s already an incredibly serene and wonderful place to visit, we think the wagons are perfect for this beautiful space. The wagons will be near our pastures, where a horse and several cows graze, so they can go to sleep and wake up feeling the peace we’ve intentionally created here at Rooterville. We are working to make this a truly special experience for our guests.”

Rooterville continues to grow as it provides a home to animals and gives guests an unparalleled experience. West recently moved the farm to a new location in rural Melrose, FL, which is east of Gainesville. Visitors are welcome at the farm and tours include a chance to feed snacks to pigs, capture photos, and more. And now, visitors can go glamping on its grounds—thanks to Elaine’s addition of two PlainsCraft covered wagons at Rooterville—for an unforgettable experience. These wagons will be available for overnight stays in the spring.

Covered wagons at Rooterville

“We are thrilled that Elaine chose our wagons as an opportunity to give her visitors a high quality glamping experience,” said Dennis Steinman, Founder and CEO of PlainsCraft Covered Wagons. “We know this was a major purchase for a non-profit like Rooterville, but we know the wagons will be a worthwhile investment. We’re seeing agri-tourism continue to grow in the glamping community as campers look for unique experiences to enjoy alongside their overnight stays. An animal sanctuary like Elaine’s is going to be a massive draw for the new age of campers who support and live by the same ethical practices Rooterville follows. We’re excited to see her farm continue to grow and are proud to be a part of its success.”

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