3 tips for planning a glamping budget

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If you’re considering adding glamping to your campground or land for 2022, it’s likely you already know it’s a prime time for this style of camping. The great news is it’s predicted to double in growth by 2028. What’s even better is the fact you still have time to plan your budget for next season to take advantage of glamping’s growth.

There are specific things to consider if you’re interested in a glamping business, however. It’s more than just the structure itself. You’ll need to consider all the costs involved to successfully start your glamping endeavor and plan for it in the way that makes the most sense. Here are three recommendations to help get you started when planning a glamping budget for the upcoming season.

Plan around your infrastructure when planning a glamping budget

The kind of infrastructure you have—or don’t have—can make a huge difference in what is feasible on your property. A location that already has power, septic, and water lines installed can add luxurious glamping options with few problems and without needing a separate line item for infrastructure within your budget.

If you don’t have that infrastructure in place but want it installed, you’ll need an estimate for the costs involved with putting that plan in place. Keep that in mind as you consider installing a septic system, adding power lines, or choosing to install full hookups like RV parks offer. These hookups may make it easier for you to add certain types of glamping accommodations to your property.

You may need to work directly with local contractors and the city to determine what type of budget you’d need to put in place for that type of work. It’s likely you’d even need to work with the state or municipality to obtain permits, which might add costs to your budget. Be sure to ask your contractor about whether permitting costs are included in their estimates.

There are also alternatives that can keep those infrastructure costs low if yours isn’t pre-installed. Off-grid solutions like solar power and composting toilets can prevent major costs for infrastructure but will still have an overhead. Keep that in mind as you plan and be sure to ask any of your glamping resources if they have those options available.

Understand costs associated with glamping structures

Glamping tens in a lush green forrest

What types of structures are you most interested in adding to your land? They all have pros and cons, depending upon what you’re looking for. We always recommend you add more than one glamping option to your property to keep people coming back and wanting to try out all of your structures. But for the time being, if it’s just one type of structure you want to try, weigh those benefits closely to make your determination.

For example, a cabin may seem like a profitable structure, but keep in mind you’ll need to plan to work with your local municipality to build a cabin and it’s likely you’ll have to hire contractors. Meanwhile, a luxury tent or yurt might need a platform, but can be set up with less work and cost than a cabin. A PlainsCraft covered wagon comes with a day’s work of assembly and can be tied down, hooked up to power, water, and sewer, and ready for rental within the week.

If these structures don’t come with a bathroom option, you may want to begin looking into a separate bathroom facility as well. In fact, a 2021 study by the Kampgrounds of America says that 29% of first-time campers claim clean and well-maintained restrooms are part of their top considerations when staying at a campground. It’s why our wagons have bathroom upgrades—to provide guests with the clean, private bathrooms they want, which means our wagons are a turnkey glamping system.

To determine your glamping budget, contact the individual structure companies and be sure to ask about upgrades, including heat or A/C, bathrooms, furniture, and insulation packages to extend your rental capacity for the entire year and ensure an outstanding return on investment ROI). You can calculate your ROI on a covered wagon on our website to get a head start.

Remember the amenities

The more amenities available at your glamping location, the more guests will be drawn to stay. After all, the concept behind glamping is that it allows guests to enjoy luxury accommodations while in nature. In other words, they want the “roughing it” experience without sacrificing the comforts they desire most.

Simple glamping additions include some of the amenities and accessories that make these structures feel cozy and comfortable. While not everyone will want WiFi or a TV on their glamping getaway, if you think they might help be a draw, you’ll want to investigate what those options would add to your overhead.

The addition of a fire pit and grills could be an easy, low-cost addition as you’re planning a glamping budget. So, too, could coffee makers and microwaves. It helps to even think about any welcome packages you might want to include, such as a bottle of wine or coffee from local vendors as your guests look for a unique experience. Ask yourself: would adding a salt pool or hot tub increase the value of your offerings? If so, consider that for your budget as well. In short, the more amenities you add, the more you can create a stay that is Instagrammable (which translates to free marketing!).

Don’t forget to ask about what comes with your structures, too. PlainsCraft Covered Wagons offers interior design packages that include furniture and bedding. But don’t forget to add in a budget for comfortable mattresses to ensure an incredible experience.

Final thoughts for planning a glamping budget

A kind size bed like this one inside a beautiful covered wagon is a must when planning your glamping budget

While it might seem like a lot to think through, the more you’re prepared and willing to invest, the better return on investment you’ll be able to enjoy. Just make sure you’re considering all of the options you’d like and weigh it against what you’d like to charge for overnight stays to ensure you’re making an informed decision as you plan.

Interested in learning more about how PlainsCraft Covered Wagons can help your business grow? Get in touch and let’s build something together!

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